Keep kitty happy and healthy while you’re away.

One-Free-VisitEver wonder why your cat wakes you up at the same time every night? Cats are excellent time keepers and rely on a structured environment. Mine start romping around at about 4AM because that’s when they’ve trained me to drowsily pet them.

When you are away from home, it’s important to continue a routine so as to keep kitty calm, relaxed and healthy. The Catcentric Sitter will visit your home* on a regular basis to insure your cat(s) are fed, cleaned, groomed, and spoiled rotten. I can’t show up at 4AM, but if you place an article of clothing on the bed, they’ll miss you less and, soon, will begin to expect me for feeding and cuddles (at a much more reasonable hour).

To know me is to hire me.

I am currently owned by two demanding medium haired, rescued tabbies. In my spare time, I volunteer at a local shelter. I have been surrounded by feline love (sometimes barely tolerated) all my life. My heart and soul belongs to these funny, aloof, creatures. Every cat is different and requires special care. I’ll cater my visit to your cats’ specific needs.

I am a mature, licensed, bonded and animal CPR certified professional and, I’m just going to say it…I LOVE CATS!

*The Catcentric Sitter is available to visit, if your home lies West of Sam Houston Pkwy., South of W. Little York, East of Mason Rd., and North of Westheimer.